Architecture and Engineering Project

The development of architectural and engineering design using BIM models and methodologies ensures not only an improvement of coordination of multidisciplinary teams, as well as an optimized communication and understanding of the various projects by the various stakeholders. Consequently, it leads to a substantial increase in efficiency compared to the traditional process.
The development of the various project phases, from the preliminary study to the Executive Project Approved for Construction, proves to be a complex task. The tight deadlines and the number of teams involved often leads to, on the one hand, coordination failures among the different specialties and, on the other, to communication problems between the various designers and between them and the owner, who have sometimes difficulties to understand the hired projects.
The need of clear projects, coordinated and understandable by all the stakeholders, proved to be a demand in order to carry out the execution of the project within the established schedule and costs.
By developing projects of various specialties using methodologies refined over several years of experience, we will ensure a constant alignment of architecture and engineering projects.
With the use of BIM models, the compatibility between the various specialties is continuously achieved, since all the information is collected into a single database. This process ensures a constant alignment of the designed pieces with the real information of the projects. Furthermore, the third dimension of BIM models helps the various stakeholders to better understand the projects of the other specialties involved in the building design. 
The project is easily understood for all the stakeholders. The use of BIM viewing platforms allows that customers, owners, contractors, etc. understand the projects under development and ask for the necessary changes more easily, which in the traditional process is harder to achieve due to the common difficulty in interpret 2D elements.
Thus, our methodology allows errors to be detected earlier and automatically, the projects are quickly and intuitively communicated, therefore increasing the quality of the projects and decreasing the time required for its preparation.
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