BIM Management

BIM Management is essential for the efficiency and success of construction projects. As such, we are responsible for coordinating all project information, ensuring integration and collaboration between the teams involved. In addition, we oversee the creation and maintenance of BIM models, ensuring data accuracy and consistency. This specialized management maximizes productivity, reduces errors and rework, saves time and resources, resulting in high quality projects and greater sustainability.

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Our BIM Management
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    BIM Expertise
    • ndBIM has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in BIM (Building Information Modeling). This means that we have a deep understanding of best practices, methodologies and technologies related to BIM. You will have access to this specialist knowledge, which can help to optimize your projects and construction processes.
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    efficient coordination
    • ndBIM offers efficient and effective coordination of all aspects related to BIM in your project. This includes defining modeling standards and guidelines, coordinating collaboration across different disciplines and stakeholders, checking the quality of BIM models, and resolving conflicts and issues throughout the project lifecycle. This coordination helps to avoid errors, rework and delays, resulting in a more efficient and productive workflow.
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    information integration
    • Good BIM management aims to centralize and integrate project information into a comprehensive BIM model. This allows all interested parties to have access to up-to-date and consistent information, facilitating informed decision-making. In addition, information integration also promotes effective communication between teams and real-time collaboration, improving project efficiency and productivity.
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    Resource optimization
    • By working with us you can enjoy the ability to optimize the use of resources such as time, costs and materials. Through BIM, it is possible to perform advanced simulations and analysis, identify potential problems early, optimize construction and make more informed decisions. This can lead to cost reduction, waste minimization and better management of available resources.
What distinguishes us
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    personalized approach
    • ndBIM takes a personalized approach when providing BIM Management services. We understand that each project is unique and has specific requirements. Therefore, we work closely with customers to understand their needs and adapt their BIM management solutions accordingly. This ensures that the service is highly personalized and efficient, meeting the specific objectives of each project.
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    Advanced technological solutions
    • ndBIM stands out for its experience in BIM. We are constantly updated with the latest tools, software and BIM technologies on the market. This allows us to offer advanced and innovative BIM management solutions, helping clients to take full advantage of the benefits of BIM in their projects.
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    multidisciplinary team
    • The ndBIM team is made up of experienced and highly trained professionals in various disciplines related to BIM, such as architecture, engineering and project management. This multidisciplinary team brings a wide range of knowledge and perspectives to projects, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated approach to BIM management. We are able to deal with complex challenges and offer creative and effective solutions.
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    Focus on Quality
    • ndBIM prioritizes quality and accuracy in all aspects of its BIM management. We follow strict quality control processes to ensure BIM models are accurate, consistent and reliable. This focus on quality and accuracy ensures that clients receive reliable, high-quality information to aid in decision-making and project execution.

We believe that having an EIR (Employer's Information Requirements) and BEP (BIM Execution Plan) is crucial to ensure the effectiveness and success of BIM-based projects.

The EIR establishes the client's needs and requirements regarding the enterprise's information, defining the goals, standards and deadlines to be achieved. In turn, the BEP is an execution plan that describes how these requirements will be fulfilled throughout the life cycle of the project.

These documents provide clear guidelines, promote collaboration among stakeholders, and ensure consistency and quality of information, facilitating a successful BIM implementation.

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Our experience and commitment to excellence make us the ideal choice to manage your BIM project, allowing you to take advantage of all the advantages of this methodology and guaranteeing a high quality end result.

efficient cooperation: We facilitate more efficient collaboration between all parties involved in the project.

Improved decision making: ndBIM offers advanced visualization and data analysis capabilities.

Increased efficiency and reduced costs: We optimize the workflow, allowing the integration of information and processes.

Data and documentation management: we organize and manage all data and documents related to the construction project.

We are committed to providing excellent services in BIM Management, ensuring the optimization of your projects and the achievement of efficient and sustainable results. With a team of highly qualified professionals, we offer a personalized service adapted to the needs of each client.

By relying on our BIM Management service, customers benefit from complete and rigorous project monitoring, ensuring early detection of potential problems and informed decision-making, resulting in time and resource savings. In addition, we guarantee compatibility and interoperability between different systems and tools used, which facilitates communication between the parties involved and increases the overall efficiency of the project.

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ndBIM works according to the ISO 19650 standard, being an example of synergy between methodology and standards. By following the guidelines established by ISO 19650, ndBIM adopts a collaborative approach, centered on the efficient management of building information. With a focus on data centralization in a shared digital model, ndBIM promotes the integration of different agents and the standardization of information. In addition, being process-oriented, the methodology identifies and optimizes workflows, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

ndBIM compliant with ISO 19650 drives digital transformation in the construction sector, resulting in more effective and successful projects.