Based on collective work and shared knowledge


It all started in 2013, when the passion for BIM and the desire to digitize the sector led to the creation of the brand ndBIM. Today we are a multinational company, made up of a team of people passionate and motivated by the construction industry, dedicated to consulting and providing excellent services in architecture, engineering and project management, specialized in BIM methodology (Building Information Modeling).

As a result of our ability to see beyond and our innovative spirit, in 2021 we started the building the BIMWorkplace, an integrated, cloud-based collaborative building platform that improves communication and collaboration between all stakeholders by providing common and accessible data in real time and in the field.



Train innovators with new processes that enhance their creativity, with the development of technology, in order to achieve new possibilities in a digital world.

Our aim is to become essential to our customers on their journey to thrive. We contribute to building a sustainable and collaborative digital industry that is inclusive of all, where technology and connectivity revolutionize the future.